Small Space Dehumidifier for 1 Bedroom Apartment

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DEYE’s dehumidifier for bedroom keep your room at the most comfortable humidity as you want, small space dehumidifier energy saving feature offers you another way to save money.Dehumidifier for 1 Bedroom Apartment

Sometimes the heat in the room due to high humidity level makes it impossible to have a good night’s sleep. To get good quality indoor air in a bedroom, it is advisable to get a good dehumidifier that will take out excess moisture from the air to reduce the humidity.


The bedroom dehumidifier can extract up to 30 pints of water from the air in a day for a small-sized or medium-sized bedroom. This humidifier is most suitable for a room that is about 1,000 square feet, and it does not consume excess energy.

Humidity Control

You can set the humidity level you desire on this 1 bedroom dehumidifier because it has a humidity control option. For excellent air quality, the humidity level can be between 30 to 50%. Once the level set is reached, it will go off automatically. Please take note that a continuous mode can also be set.

Noise Control

This humidifier has a multiple speed option which allows you to set it to a tranquil mode to avoid noise disturbance when sleeping at night and also when watching television or simply enjoying the day. A sound level of 48 decibels means your dehumidifier can function quietly and almost unnoticeable.

Tank Control

It has a 24-hour automatic timer that goes off when the tank is full with water and it automatically switches on again once the tank is emptied.

Washable and Reusable Filter

The filter of this dehumidifier for a 1 bedroom apartment should be washed regularly to improve its effectiveness. It can be cleaned every two weeks or once a month. You can wash the filter under running warm water or with warm water and mild soap.
Afterward, wipe with a clean, soft cloth and ensure the filter is completely dry before fixing it in the dehumidifier. There is a filter light that shows on the dehumidifier alerting you when it needs to be cleaned. Before keeping the device, make sure the base, air filter and the tank are well cleaned.


Having a device that is difficult to move can be challenging, but this isn’t the case with the dehumidifier for 1 bedroom. It is easy to move from one part of the room to the other with rotating wheels.

Auto Drain

This dehumidifier has a drain hose outlet which allows you to easily attach a hose for draining water continuously.

Auto Restart

If a power outage occurs, this dehumidifier will automatically come up once the power is restored and will also retain the same settings before the power cut. This will ease the stress of resetting your dehumidifier.
Dehumidifiers for 1 bedroom Apartments are easy to purchase and are also affordable. Many customers have given great reviews after using our dehumidifier. We offer warranty on all our products and provide expert tech support to users. Please contact us now to place an order.




12.5L/day(27°C RH60%), 22L/day(30°C RH80%)

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Air Volume

High: 180m3/h; Medium 165m3/h; Low: 145m3/h

Noise Level

High: 45dB(A); Medium: 44dB(A); Low: 42dB(A);

Operating Temperatures


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Size (W×D×H)

360 × 242 × 548 mm

Packing Size (W×D×H)

442 × 312 × 594 mm

Loading Quantity 20’GP


Loading Quantity 40’GP


Loading Quantity 40’HQ


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